SPRINK Co., Ltd.


Global Leap Consulting

International Marketing

Japan Marketing Initiation

We support your initiating business in Japan market by collecting required information, proposing a promoting plan in various regions in Japan, and finding you the best partner. If it ever occurs to your mind that your products may be well off in Japan market, please consult us and let’s discuss the possibilities!

Oversea Business Development

SPRINK will take charge of oversea business development in your company. We create a grand vision for oversea business with company executives, propose the best way to approach the oversea market, and execute what needs to be done.


Global Round Table

International interaction is everywhere whether a company takes oversea development strategy or not. What we must look for in employees is not an international skill that limits the responsive language and culture, but a global skill that allows company to deal with various situations. Global Round Table offers a programme to acquire those skillsets without having to go abroad, and plays a good role in your company’s educational training.

Global Leadership Training for Students

Local groups are entrusting us with a variety of educational programme themed in local development and youth global leadership. We create curriculums for participants who are in high schools or universities, which includes inputting information, interacting with diverse people, and outputting their thoughts for the future as well as offering them information on broad academic/career paths.